Uthgardt Spirit
  • Spirit of Uthgardt Boom
    • No damage
    • Heals the party +100HP
    • +10 AC to the party
    • Damages self necrotic damage


  • Level 3 Stats:
    • AC: 3
    • REF: 3
    • FORT: 3
    • WILL: 3
    • HP: 9

Encounter AreasEdit


The Uthgardt are a group of tall, black-haired and blue-eyed barbarian humans who have lived in the North for many generations. Each tribe has its own opinion on its exact ancestry, but none of these tales agrees with the others. Loremasters speculate that, given the members' similar characteristics, they must stem from common progenitors, most likely a mix of Illuskans, Netherese, and perhaps one or two other more primitive and. savage tribes that once roamed the high country of the North. Most of the tribes are semi-nomadic, wandering through various stretches of the North while spending the harshest winter months in one place, most often a winter camp. A few tribes have broken with this tradition and established permanent settlements.

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