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FB Profile: Mayor Adam West

You can send me a friend request to use my characters but send me a message with "D&D Heroes of Neverwinter".

Characters (2 of each class, all level 10):

- Sune (Human Cleric, WIS healer);

- Tamara (Dragonborn Cleric, STR/CHA build);

- Trogdor !!! (Dragonborn Fighter, berserker style);

- Vandria (Eladrin Fighter, high AC tank);

- Meirobo (Halfling Rogue, max damage build);

- Erevan Illesere (Eladrin Rogue, ongoing damage build);

- Mystral (Eladrin Wizard, crowd control build);

- Oren Bramblebush (Halfling Wizard, poison/lightning build).

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