Trick or Trap is a level 5 dungeon located in the Ruins of Illefarn area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Correspondence from a mysterious agent of Thay named "Jack" found in the depths of Neverdeath's catacombs point to the presence of a secret necromantic laboratory within the ruins of Illefarn. Doomguide Volahk exhorts you to make haste! Uncover the Thayans' secret plot and ensure it does not reach fulfillment!


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Map of Trick or Trap

Map of Trick or Trap

Room 1 (Illefarn Laboratory)Edit

  • Empty.

Room 2 ("Jack")Edit

Room 3 (An Experiment)Edit

  • Empty.
  • The northern zoning area will lead to Room 4, the eastern one will lead to Room 5.
  • Once you enter this room, you can't go back. Even after killing Jack in Room 7, you can't go back to rooms 6, 5, 4/3, etc. I wanted to go back to Room 4 to collect the treasure after the Jack fight in Room 7 so that when I had a member die by the Room 4 Level 10 death trap, it wouldn't really matter. Well, it doesn't let you do that :).

Room 4 (An Interesting Choice)Edit

  • 1x Death Trap (Level 10). If a character steps on the trap or attempts to disarm it, that charcacter will unavoidably die. However, the fallen member can be revived with a Potion of Life or a Raise Dead (Cleric) spell.
  • Unlocked chest (Item Loot)

Room 5 (..."the gift of insight"...)Edit

  • 2x Evermending Chillborn
  • 2x Evermending Corpse
  • The creatures in this room are immune to melee & ranged damage, only ongoing and spell damage are effective.
  • Once you've entered this room, you cannot go back to the previous rooms. You can only go onward to Room 6 after all creatures are killed.

Room 6 (A Mysterious Trap)Edit

  • Traps: 1x Mysterious Trap (Level 10)
  • The trap in this room restores health to all party members. Trust it; just walk onto the trap with any character.

Room 7 (" final gift...")Edit

  • Basic loot (gold and consumables. 4x Pumpkin Masks were removed from loot.)



Room 4 Chest, 4 random items among:


Room 4 Chest


Room 4 chest (3 item slots total, 1 item will appear twice)

The same items show up for all classes, regardless of class restrictions.

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