Poison Trap Activated

Poisoned Trap in "High Road Robbery" (Room 3)

In Heroes of Neverwinter, it is not uncommon to encounter traps in a given dungeon. If a player does not carefully detect them, he may step on one and activate it, causing various types of damage to a single player or multiple party members.

Below are the traps found in dungeons and in the Dungeon Builder.

Basic SpikesEdit

(Level 1 to 5 spike traps)

Strong SpikesEdit

(Level 6 to 10 spike traps)


Trap Detection StrategiesEdit

As indicated in the game, both wisdom (WIS) and intelligence (INT) ability scores are useful to detect traps. However, it is not known which ability is most useful to detect which types of traps.

  1. A common strategy to increase the chances of detection in general would be to have a high WIS player (such as a WIS cleric) and a high INT player (ex: a Wizard) in addition to a rogue in your party when playing an adventure that is known to have traps.
  2. Another strategy would be to get some equipment or use a consumable with a bonus to perception.
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