Thick as Thieves is a level 3 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Cyro Bramblebush, a halfling spokesperson for Mordai Vell, one of Neverwinter's most respected benefactors, seeks heroes of high principle to engage a notorious band of thieves who are terrorizing the good people of Neverwinter. Using the Shattered Sewers as their hideout, these renegades stand in the way of efforts to rebuild our fair city. In the words of Mordai Vell, it is time for those who love Neverwinter to fight for her. For his part, he offers a reward for the defeat of any bandit leader.


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit


Map of Thick as Thieves

Room 1 (Shattered Sewers)Edit

  • Empty.

Room 2 (Sewer Juntction)Edit

Room 3 (A Giant Spider)Edit

Room 4 (Mad Wizard)Edit

  • Enemies: 1x Mad Alchemist
  • Traps: 1x Spikes (Level 2)
  • Treasure: 1x Chest (locked, basic loot: gold & consumables)

Room 5 (Sewer Passage)Edit

Room 6 (A Bandit Hideout)Edit



Room 4 (locked chest)

Room 6

  • Basic loot: gold & consumables.


Room 4 (locked chest)

Room 6

  • Basic loot: gold & consumables.


Room 4 (locked chest)

  • Gold (max 200G)
  • Consumables

Room 6

  • Basic loot: gold (max 65G) & consumables.
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