The Sons of Alagondar is a level 3 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Cyro Bramblebush has learned that a rare meeting of the entire bandit leadership is planned for tonight. Expected to attend are the rogue Kazza, the sorceress Merith, their dragonborn bodyguard Durg, and Friar Pinchpenny, a mysterious cleric of uncertain faith. Impressed by your previous work, Cyro offers to hire you directly on Mordai Vell's behalf to put an end to the Shattered Sewers bandits. Defeat these criminals and Cyro ensures you will receive a handsome reward.


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit


Map of The Sons of Alagondar

Room 1 (Return to the Shattered Sewers)Edit

  • Empty room (no enemies, no traps)

Room 2 (Greycloak Warrior)Edit

Room 3 (Nasher's Own)Edit

Room 4 (Sons of Alagondor)Edit

  • Enemies: 2x Fighter, 1x Ranger, 1x Wizard
  • Traps: 1x Spikes (Level 2)
  • Treasure: 1x Chest (locked, basic loot: gold & consumables)

Room 5 (An Interrupted Meeting)Edit

  • Enemies: 1x Durg (Fighter), 1x Merith (Wizard), 1x Kazza (Rogue), 1x Friar Pinchpenny (Cleric)
  • Treasure: 1x Chest (unlocked, with item loot, refer to "Loot" section below.)





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