The Prison of Mirrors is a level 9 dungeon located in The Crags area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Enter the ancient dwarven gaol known as the Prison of Mirrors and locate the imprisoned thief Jartok. Only he can guide you to the vault of Gauntlgrym and the hellthorn cube it contains.


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Prison of mirrors map

The Prison of Mirrors Map

Room 1 - EmptyEdit

Room 2 - PigEdit

Room 3 - SpiderEdit

Room 4 - Humanoid SkeletonEdit

Room 5 - WolfEdit

Room 6 - BatEdit

  • Enemies: 4x Vampire Courtier , 1x Vampire Lord
  • Loot: 1x Chest (locked) with loot (with a Cleric as main character : 1 loot item. Other classes: basic loot)


A single enemy's loot profile is selected based upon your main character's class. That is, each of the 4 rooms, other than Room 5 - Wolf (with Jartok), has a loot item in the locked chest, for the relevant class. However, depending upon the class of your character, only one of these items will show up, in the respective room (see Loot drop details below). One other chest has a Hero's Commendation in it. The two other potential chests have basic loot in them).




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