The Mere of Dead Men is a level 5 dungeon located in Sword Mountains area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

REPRT: A week ago, a trade caravan left Neverwinter and headed south for Waterdeep. A recent report claims that a wagon, pulled by a maddened horse, was found on the other side of the Mere of Dead Men, a vast and inhospitable salt marsh. Disturbingly, the wagon bore signs of attack from both goblin and kobold raiders. Such an alliance could prove disastrous for Neverwinter. Travel to the Mere of Dead Men and discover the true fate of the missing caravan. Bring information to General Sabine for payment.


  • 65 Gold

Room LayoutEdit


Map of Mere of Dead Men

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(Warning: While these magic items are confirmed to be possible, they seem to appear in phases that are possibly weeks apart. The rings here are optimal, depending on your character build, so if you see one that you desire, return immediately and try obtain it using Potions of Luck.)



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