The Hand that Feeds is a level 8 dungeon located in the Ruins of Illefarn area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

A boy passes you a note. It reads: "Greetings! I hear you defeated the vampire lord at Kalmont Manor. Before age sapped my strength, I hunted their kind. Indeed, Lord Kalmont and I battled on more than one occasion. Come to my house with the Master's Seal and let me honor you at my table. I have some old 'tools of the trade' that I'd like to give you. Please come! -- Thane Fletcher"


Room LayoutEdit


Map of The Hand That Feeds

Room 1Edit

  • Empty.

Room 2Edit

  • 1x locked chest (Basic Loot: gold & consumables)

Room 3Edit

Room 4Edit

Room 5Edit

  • Enemies: 1x Lizet (Boss)
  • Treasure: 1x lootable corpse (Basic loot: gold & consumables)

Room 6Edit


Heroic (Two Item slots, 8 normal slots. 11/18/11)Edit



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