The Cult Below is a level 10 dungeon located in The Crags area.

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  • 15 Energy
  • Level 10

Adventure DescriptionEdit

An effete man approaches you and straightens his attire. "I am Ianek, the valet of General Sabine". He pauses to let this sink in. "The illustrious General has made note of your triumphs and wishes to hire you for a mission in the Crags. The details are in this report. Of course you will be compensated". He hands you a sealed envelope, bows stiffly, and makes to leave, but suddenly adds, "And if you happen to meet someone called Tarmikos, tell him he's too late. He's fired and won't get a single coin!"


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Map of The Cult Below

Map of The Cult Below

Room 1 (Mouth of the Cave)Edit

  • Empty

Room 2 (Cave Entrance)Edit

Room 3 (Halfway Down the Spiral)Edit

Room 4 (Base of the Spiral)Edit

Room 5 (A Ceremony Interrupted)Edit



  • Gold + consumables (225 GP, Potion of Recovery/Vitality, Hero's Commendation)


  • Basic Loot


  • Basic Loot
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