When in town and someone is using one of your characters, the player will be given the opportunity to spectate.

Mechanics of SpectatingEdit

Spectating hourglass

Hourglass icon

When in town, a spyglass icon on a purple background (see picture to the left) will appear in the player's notification bar for each of your characters that are being used. Clicking on this icon will allow you to watch the other player's adventure.

Note: you must be at the main town screen to see this icon, it will not appear while you are at the "My House" screen or at the Beached Leviathan, for example.


Active Spectating

Once the Adventure is entered, the player watches an accelerated version of the Adventure ("Replay" appears in the top right corner) until he or she is caught up to the game ("Live").

The spectator cannot control his or her character; control is left to the leader.


  • The spectator can give four boosts to the party members at any time. Each boost can only be used once during the adventure:
  1. Buff 2 Healer's Boom: +4 regeneration for 3 turns.
  2. Buff 1 Bloodlust: +5 damage per successful attack for 3 turns.
  3. Buff 1 Call to Arms: +5 attack bonus for 3 turns.
  4. Buff 1 Guardian's Will: +1 to AC, FORT, REF and WILL for 3 turns.
  • While playing, both the spectator and the leader may chat via a textbox above the boosts when in "Live" mode.
  • At any time, the spectator has the option of leaving the adventure by pressing the stop adventure button ( Leave Game 20x20 ) to the right of the boosts.

Benefits of SpectatingEdit

  • A small amount of Experience (10% of the what the leader earns)
  • A small amount of Gold
  • Accelerated Energy regeneration (1 Energy every 1.5 minutes, instead of every 3 minutes)

Related AchievementsEdit

  • Booster - Complete 5 Adventures as an Active Spectator.
  • Guardian - Complete 25 Adventures as an Active Spectator.
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