Shadar-Kai Warrior
  • Blue-flame Slash
    • Melee, necrotic damage


  • Level 10 Stats:
    • AC: 11
    • REF: 11
    • FORT: 12
    • WILL: 9
    • HP: 88

Encounter AreasEdit


A shadar-kai resembles a human but has gray skin and eyes that are lustrous black orbs, like a raven’s. The shadows around it seem to deepen as it moves. They prefer light, exotically shaped weapons.Shadar-kai fight without concern for their own wellbeing, believing that death is foretold at birth and cannot be avoided.

This shadar-kai uses shadow jaunt at the start of battle to materialize next to a foe and make a double attack. On subsequent rounds, it continues to attack with its swords, using cage of gloom to restrain particularly troublesome foes.

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