Shadar-Kai Chainfighter
  • Dance of Death
    • Melee, normal damage
    • AOE attack
  • Shadow Jaunt
    • Free attack
    • Melee, normal damage
  • Spiked Chain
    • Melee, normal damage


  • Level 10 Stats:
    • AC: 21
    • REF: 20
    • FORT: 19
    • WILL: 17
    • HP: 64

Encounter AreasEdit


A shadar-kai resembles a human but has gray skin and eyes that are lustrous black orbs, like a raven’s. The shadows around it seem to deepen as it moves. They prefer light, exotically shaped weapons.Shadar-kai fight without concern for their own wellbeing, believing that death is foretold at birth and cannot be avoided.

A chainfighter uses dance of death to cut a bloody swath through his enemies before settling into position and making basic attacks. If he’s hedged in by enemies, he uses shadow jaunt to extricate himself while waiting for his dance of death power to recharge.

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