Red Hunt is a level 3 dungeon located in the Goblin Forest area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

WANTED: Ashmandai Cultists, by the cartful! These devil-worshoppin assassins been seen out in the wood near Thundertree. Now we ain't got no use fer live Ashmadai, so best leave 'em dead where they drop! See me at the Wall for payment and don't bring no stikin' trophies - I've no use fer scalps, ears, or fingers neither! I'll sniff out the truth of ye sure enuff. - Captain Shaw


  • 35 Gold

Room LayoutEdit


Map of Red Hunt

Room 1 (Thundertree)Edit

Room 2 (Cleric of Asmodeus)Edit

Room 3Edit

  • Traps:
    • 1x Spikes (Level 2, two seperate parts that can be disarmed as one trap),
    • 1x Blade Trap (Level 4)

Room 4 (Hellfire Warlock)Edit

Room 5Edit

Loot (2 loot item slots)Edit




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