Neverdeath is a level 1 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area.


  • 10 Energy

Adventure DescriptionEdit

Tales of forgotten treasures buried deep within the honeycombed crypts of the city's graveyard have long circulated through the taverns of Neverwinter. Lately, those rumors have not been sufficiently enticing to counterbalance the very real fact that the graveyard teems with the restless undead. The Protector has authorized a small reward for any adventurer willing to brave the graveyard known as Neverdeath and discover the source of the undead menace.


  • 5 Gold
  • 100 Bonus Experience

Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit


Map of Neverdeath

Room 1 (Neverdeath)Edit

  • Empty

Room 2 (Combat!)Edit

Room 3 (More Skeletons!)Edit

Room 4 (A Stronger Skeleton)Edit

Room 5 (Traps!)Edit

  • Traps: 1x Crude Spikes (Level 1)

Room 6 (Necromancy!)Edit

  • Treasure: 1x Chest (unlocked) with item loot (refer to "Loot" section below) and a giftable item (random consumable).



  • 15, 25, 85 GP


  • Basic loot; gold (max 65 G) and consumables/Hero's Commendation (All Classes)


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