Mind Flayer Infiltrator

Mind Flayer Infiltrator


  • Mind Blast
    • Ranged
    • Burst damage, necrotic
    • Mass daze
  • Tentacles
    • Melee, necrotic damage
    • Stuns


  • Level 18 Stats:
    • AC: 21
    • REF: 21
    • FORT: 19
    • WILL: 22
    • HP: 128

Boss - Stun Immune

Encounter AreasEdit


Mind flayers use their formidable psychic powers to shatter the minds of their foes. Once their enemies are knocked senseless, the mind flayers crack open the victims’skulls and devour their brains. Not all creatures that cross a mind flayer’s path end up as food; some are enslaved, while others are transformed into obedient thralls. Mind flayers, also known as illithids, came to the natural world from the Far Realm long ago. They are usually encountered in the Underdark, only venturing to the surface onspecial missions.

This mind flayer uses its natural stealth to creep toward its enemies unseen, and then unleashes its mind blast. From its dazed foes, it chooses one creature to attack with its tentacles while relying on its stalk the senseless power to avoid attacks. If it succeeds in grabbing a victim with its tentacles, the infiltrator uses its bore into brain power until the victim dies or manages to free itself.

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