+1 Acid-Etched Orb+1 Acid-Etched Short Sword+1 Acolyte's Battleaxe
+1 Acolyte's Dagger+1 Acolyte's Longsword+1 Acolyte's Mace
+1 Acolyte's Morningstar+1 Acolyte's Orb+1 Acolyte's Short Sword
+1 Acolyte's Staff+1 Adventurer's Longsword+1 Adventurer's Shield
+1 Azer Cleric Mace+1 Barkskin Scale Armor+1 Battle Cleric's Mace
+1 Battleaxe+1 Battleaxe of Fortune+1 Black Iron Scale Armor
+1 Blessed Morningstar+1 Bloodcut Leather Armor+1 Bloodthread Cloth Armor
+1 Brutality Blade+1 Chainmail+1 Circlet of Protection
+1 Cloth Armor+1 Cloth Armor of Health+1 Cutter's Short Sword
+1 Darkleaf Cloth Armor+1 Darkleaf Leather Armor+1 Deathcut Leather Armor
+1 Delver's Chainmail+1 Delver's Cloth Armor+1 Delver's Leather Armor
+1 Delver's Scale Armor+1 Distorting Cloth Armor+1 Doomguide's Mace
+1 Dragonbreath Battleaxe+1 Drow Ambush Dagger+1 Drow Blade of Flourshing
+1 Drow Staff of Power+1 Dwarven Chainmail+1 Dwarven Scale Armor
+1 Eladrin Chainmail+1 Ever Watching Orb+1 Exalted Chainmail
+1 Fireburst Cloth Armor+1 Flameburst Hand Crossbow+1 Flaming Battleaxe
+1 Flaming Mace+1 Flaming Orb+1 Force Hand Crossbow
+1 Frost Battleaxe+1 Frost Longsword+1 Frost Mace
+1 Frost Orb+1 Frost Short Sword+1 Giantslayer Dagger
+1 Guardian Heavy Shield+1 Guardian Staff+1 Hand Crossbow
+1 Heavy Shield of Deflection+1 Heavy Shield of Faith+1 Hexer's Crook
+1 Impact Hand Crossbow+1 Insulating Chainmail+1 Leather Armor
+1 Lifedrinker Dagger+1 Light Shield of Defiance+1 Light Shield of Faith
+1 Light Shield of Protection+1 Light Vanguard Shield+1 Longsword of Rage
+1 Longsword of Speed+1 Morningstar of Faith+1 Nimble Blade
+1 Orb of Drow Supremacy+1 Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions+1 Orb of Survival
+1 Orc Battle Armor+1 Orc Foe Battleaxe+1 Pilgrim's Symbol
+1 Poison Hand Crossbow+1 Prismatic Orb+1 Punishing Morningstar
+1 Quick Strike Dagger+1 Radiant Hand Crossbow+1 Radiant Mace
+1 Razorlink Chainmail+1 Relentless Mace+1 Resounding Mace
+1 Resounding Morningstar+1 Revitalizing Leather Armor+1 Revitalizing Robes
+1 Ring of Protection+1 Rune Sword+1 Scale Armor
+1 Seeker Hand Crossbow+1 Seeker Orb+1 Serrated Dagger
+1 Serrated Longsword+1 Shield of Impenetrable Defense+1 Shield of Strength
+1 Shocking Mace+1 Shocking Morningstar+1 Staff of Corrosion
+1 Staff of Fiery Might+1 Staff of Force+1 Staff of Lore
+1 Staff of Speed+1 Stalwart Dwarven Sallet+1 Stoneforge Scale Armor
+1 Sylvan Leather Armor+1 Symbol of Answered Prayers+1 Symbol of Battle
+1 Symbol of Defiance+1 Symbol of Hope+1 Symbol of Life
+1 Symbol of Prayer+1 Symbol of Protection+1 Symbol of Renewal
+1 Symbol of Service+1 True Strike Short Sword+1 Vicious Dagger
+1 Vicious Hand Crossbow+1 Vicious Longsword+1 Vicious Morningstar
+1 Vicious Short Sword+1 War Cleric's Mace+2 Acid-Etched Hand Crossbow
+2 Acid-Etched Longsword+2 Acid-Etched Morningstar+2 Acolyte's Battleaxe
+2 Acolyte's Dagger+2 Acolyte's Longsword+2 Acolyte's Mace
+2 Acolyte's Morningstar+2 Acolyte's Orb+2 Acolyte's Short Sword
+2 Acolyte's Staff+2 Barkskin Scale Armor+2 Battleaxe of Unstable Fury
+2 Battleforged Scale Armor+2 Beastslayer Hand Crossbow+2 Black Iron Scale Armor
+2 Black Watch Leather Armor+2 Blessed Battleaxe+2 Blessed Leather Armor
+2 Bloodcut Leather Armor+2 Bloodstained Battleaxe+2 Brutality Blade
+2 Chainmail+2 Circlet of Protection+2 Cloth Armor
+2 Cloth Armor of Health+2 Corrupting Mace+2 Cursed Short Sword
+2 Curseforged Chainmail+2 Dagger+2 Dancing Sylvan Armor
+2 Darkleaf Cloth Armor+2 Defender's Morningstar+2 Delver's Scale Armor
+2 Distorting Cloth Armor+2 Doomguide's Mace+2 Dragonslayer Longsword
+2 Duelist's Dagger+2 Dwarven Chainmail+2 Dwarven Scale Armor
+2 Elven Battle Leather Armor+2 Elven Chainmail+2 Emblazoned Leather Armor
+2 Energetic Cloth Armor+2 Everwatch Bastard Sword+2 Executioner's Battleaxe
+2 Feather Leather Armor+2 Fervent Chainmail+2 Fireburst Cloth Armor
+2 Flaming Longsword+2 Flaming Mace+2 Flaming Morningstar
+2 Flaming Orb+2 Fortifying Cloth Armor+2 Frost Dagger
+2 Frost Hand Crossbow+2 Ghostphase Cloth Armor+2 Giantslayer Dagger
+2 Giantslayer Hand Crossbow+2 Gleaming Dagger+2 Glorious Chainmail
+2 Glowing Mace+2 Guardian Battleaxe+2 Guardian Mace
+2 Guardian Morningstar+2 Guardian Orb+2 Guardian Scale Armor
+2 Guardian Short Sword+2 Guardian Staff+2 Hand Crossbow
+2 Hand Crossbow of Protection+2 Heavy Shield+2 Hunter's Leather Armor
+2 Imbued Cloth Armor+2 Impact Hand Crossbow+2 Insulating Chainmail
+2 Leather Armor+2 Leather Armor of Health+2 Lifedrinker Longsword
+2 Lifedrinker Morningstar+2 Lifedrinker Short Sword+2 Light Shield of Defiance
+2 Lightforged Chainmail+2 Lightning Short Sword+2 Lightning Staff
+2 Longsword+2 Mace+2 Mageslayer Dagger
+2 Mantle of Favorable Winds+2 Mark of the Chosen+2 Morningstar of Vigilance
+2 Necromancer's Staff+2 Ogre Foe Longsword+2 Opportunist's Hand Crossbow
+2 Orb+2 Orb of Crystallized Energy+2 Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions
+2 Orc Battle Armor+2 Orc Foe Morningstar+2 Phylacteric Orb
+2 Pirate's Leather Armor+2 Quick Strike Dagger+2 Radiant Battleaxe
+2 Radiant Hand Crossbow+2 Raging Short Sword+2 Razorlink Chainmail
+2 Rebel's Chainmail+2 Resilient Leather Armor+2 Ring of Protection
+2 Scale Armor+2 Scale Armor of Health+2 Seeker Longsword
+2 Seeker Orb+2 Seeker Staff+2 Serrated Battleaxe
+2 Serrated Dagger+2 Shadar-Kai Armor+2 Shadar-Kai Blade
+2 Shocking Mace+2 Short Sword+2 Spidersilk Cloth Armor
+2 Staff of Corrosion+2 Stoneforge Scale Armor+2 Stormreaver's Scale Armor
+2 Sunleaf Cloth Armor+2 Sunleaf Leather Armor+2 Sunleaf Scale Armor
+2 Sylvan Cloth Armor+2 Symbol of Calling+2 Symbol of Faith
+2 Symbol of Leadership+2 Symbol of Power+2 Symbol of Radiance
+2 Symbol of Repentance+2 Symbol of Victory+2 Symbol of the Martyr
+2 Terror Longsword+2 Thunderburst Hand Crossbow+2 Thundering Morningstar
+2 Vanguard Chainmail+2 Vicious Morningstar+2 Zalantar Staff
+3 Acid-Etched Hand Crossbow+3 Acid-Etched Orb+3 Battleforged Scale Armor
+3 Bloodcut Leather Armor+3 Bloodthread Cloth Armor+3 Burglar's Dagger
+3 Chainmail+3 Cloth Armor+3 Corrupting Mace
+3 Dagger+3 Deadly Shadar-Kai Blade+3 Delver's Leather Armor
+3 Drow Mission Blade+3 Drow Staff of Power+3 Dwarven Short Sword
+3 Dwarven War Blade+3 Everwatch Bastard Sword+3 Eye of Darkness
+3 Flaming Battleaxe+3 Force Hand Crossbow+3 Frost Battleaxe
+3 Frost Longsword+3 Gleaming Dagger+3 Hunter's Leather Armor
+3 Indomitable Morning Star+3 Leather Armor+3 Lightforged Chainmail
+3 Longsword+3 Mace+3 Masterwork Hand Crossbow
+3 Morningstar of Brute Force+3 Morningstar of Faith+3 Morningstar of Vigilance
+3 Mountain Scale Armor+3 Orb of Crystallized Blood+3 Phylacteric Orb
+3 Pulsating Stone Orb+3 Resounding Mace+3 Scale Armor
+3 Seeker Hand Crossbow+3 Shadar-Kai Blade+3 Spidersilk Cloth Armor
+3 Staff of Arcana+3 Staff of Corrosion+3 Staff of Fiery Might
+3 Stalker's Leather Armor+3 Symbol of Darkness+3 Symbol of Protection
+3 Symbol of Service+3 Symbol of the True Believer+3 Terror Longsword
+3 Tombforged Chainmail+3 Wizard's Orb+3 Wounding Hand Crossbow
+3 Zalantar Staff+4 Feyleather Armor+4 Feyweave Cloth Armor
+4 Forgemail Armor+4 White Elderscale+4 Wyrmscale Armor
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