• Hellfire Affinity
    • + to attack
    • - to opponent attack
  • Hell Dagger
    • Melee, fire damage
    • Ongoing damage, fire
  • Hellfire
    • Ranged, fire damage
    • Ongoing damage, fire
    • Knocks Prone


  • Level 6 Stats:
    • AC: 21
    • REF: 19
    • FORT: 20
    • WILL: 20
    • HP: 50

Encounter AreasEdit


A hellfire warlock, having proved itself a dedicated and sinister servant, walks its path with Asmodeus's blessing, gaining the ability to wield some diabolical power. Such a cunning devotee is careful to conceal the brand it bears. It insinuates itself into enemy sanctums, where its eventual betrayal can be both surprising and effective.

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