A nomadic people who tend to roam waterways and marshlands, halflings are resourceful, plucky, quick and brave. Proportional like a human adult, but standing about 4 feet tall, halflings have excellent reflexes and agility, relying more on stealth and trickery than brute force.

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  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Charisma


  • Bold
    • +5 saving throw bonus against fear attacks.
  • Shifty
    • +1 armor class (AC) when flanked by multiple enemies.

Recommended ClassEdit

  • Rogue: While small in stature, halflings are quick, courageous and clever. As a rogue, you specialize in exploiting the vulnerabilities of your foes to inflict massive melee damage. You also rely on nimble fingers and a nimble wit to disable traps and pick locks.

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