• Chaos Hammer
    • Ranged, shock damage
    • Knocks prone
  • Feel the wrath of Gruumsh
    • - to AC
  • Staff Bash
    • Melee, normal damage
  • More Slaughter
    • Heal on bloodied
  • Gruumsh Heal Your Warrior
    • Heal target ally


  • Level 5 Stats:
    • AC: 14
    • REF: 9
    • FORT: 12
    • WILL: 10
    • HP: 54

  • Level 9 Stats:
    • AC: 18
    • REF: 13
    • FORT: 16
    • WILL: 14
    • HP: 70

  • Level 11 Stats:
    • AC: 20
    • REF: 15
    • FORT: 18
    • WILL: 16
    • HP: 78

Encounter AreasEdit

Other CommentsEdit

Caster mob, seems based off orcish shamans in D&D of old.

Typical caster, knock down AoE is his primary threat. Also packs some minor heals.

Restores health and self-buffs reactively (when bloodied)



An Eye of Gruumsh

Their horrid appearance is made more grotesque by a bloody and painful ritual of cutting out their right eyeball. The Eye of Gruumsh candidate must perform this act in a special ceremony, without making any noise. Failure to do this, results in the (now one-eyed) candidate being no longer eligible to become an Eye of Gruumsh. By cutting out their own eye, they show their true devotion to Gruumsh. To become a candidate, the orc or half-orc must show great adeptness and brutality with the Orc Double Axe and must have no moral code that would inhibit his service Gruumsh. Eyes of Gruumsh comprise of some the toughest orcs and half-orcs in the lands. In orc history it is said that after the elven deity Corellon Larethian stabbed out Gruumsh's left eye, that Gruumsh then called forth for loyal and devoted followers to serve in his image. Those that came forward, were known as the Eyes of Gruumsh. They sacrifice their right eye, so that their impaired vision balances with that of Gruumsh's. Seeking to avenge the insult to their deity, "Eyes" are greatly obsessed with destroying elves. It is not uncommon for an "Eye" to lead a suicidal charge into an elven force, regardless of the number of elven troops. Eyes of Gruumsh do not typically work together. They usually have differing ideas and opinions on which way to best serve Gruumsh. Should several "Eyes" ever gather together and agree on mutual ideas, a crusade typically follows as the "Eyes" lead their joint forces thundering against their cause. Typically in orc culture Eyes of Gruumsh are given great respect and are often promoted into leader roles. An "Eye" usually is not well suited for leadership roles, so they usually confer with a priest of Gruumsh for wisdom. As this constant consultation could be seen as a concern over who truly is the leader, the "Eye" and priest keep their followers actively involved in battles against their enemies.

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