Eladrin are creatures of magic from the twilight realm of the Feywild. Close cousins to elves, the eladrin are otherworldly, graceful, intelligent, and have strong ties to the natural and arcane worlds.

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  • +2 Intelligence
  • +2 Dexterity


  • Eladrin Will
    • +1 WILL
  • Fey Step
    • Uses: Once per encounter, Free Action
    • Range: 5
    • Effect: Teleport

Recommended ClassEdit

  • Wizard: The Eladrin hail from the Feywild, a realm of verdant magic. As a wizard, you keep your distance from the fray, preferring to infuence the battle with ranged and area-of-effect spells that use the primal energies of fire, cold, lightning and force.

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