Drow commander
"Master of Spider Magic"



  • Level 2 Stats:
    • AC: 9
    • REF: 9
    • FORT: 6
    • WILL: 14
    • HP: 18
  • Level 4 Stats:
    • AC: 11
    • REF: 11
    • FORT: 8
    • WILL: 16
    • HP: 26

Encounter AreasEdit


Arrogant and perverse, the drow conspire to subjugate all who don’t revere their Spider Queen, the god Lolth. Like their kin, the elves, drow were once creatures of the Feywild. However, they followed Lolth down a sinister path and now reside in the Underdark of the world. There they gather in settlements of macabre splendor, lit by luminescent flora and magic, and crawling with spiders.

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