Deathjump Spider

Deathjump Spider


  • Death From Above
    • Melee, poison damage
    • Ongoing damage, poison
    • Knocks prone
  • Spider Bite
    • Melee, poison damage
    • Ongoing, poison damage
    • Slows


  • Level 8 Stats:
    • AC: 15
    • REF: 15
    • FORT: 14
    • WILL: 13
    • HP: 56

Encounter AreasEdit


This feral hunting spider make tremendous leaps as it chases down prey. It does not spin webs but has been known to lie in wait in dark crevices and under trap doors. A deathjump spider often waits in ambush, hiding in a large tree or dark crevice, or under a thin layer of dirt and leaves resembling a trap door. It attacks by leaping at on prey using death from above.

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