Cleric of Asmodeus
  • Hellfire Affinity
    • + to attack
    • - to opponent attack
  • Gaze of the Raging Fiend
    • Stuns
  • Hell Mace
    • Melee, fire damage
    • Ongoing damage, fire


  • Level 6 Stats:
    • AC: 21
    • REF: 19
    • FORT: 20
    • WILL: 20
    • HP: 76

Encounter AreasEdit


Ashmadai is a cult of Asmodeus worshipers is bent on dominion in the region. Most of Asmodeus's worshippers are based in the towns and cities of humans and demihumans, though Asmodeus has some monstrous followers as well. His cultists use his faith as a stepping stone to wealth and power. They form secret alliances, using their wealth and connections to bring status and power to other members of the society. The favored weapon of Asmodeus's clerics is the heavy mace.

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