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In Heroes of Neverwinter, many items, consumables and powers provide bonuses to characters. Players must choose, according to their character builds, which type of bonus is useful for them. A rogue who specializes in opening locks and disabling traps might want to get equipment items that improve his thievery rating. On the other hand, a rogue who focuses on combat & movement may want to get some equipment with bonuses to attack rolls, speed, etc.

What do we mean by "bonuses" exactly? Well, some types of items have standard attributes.

For example, weapons normally have four standard attributes:

  • Attack Bonus
  • Damage
  • Critical Hit Range
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus

What we mean by a bonus is normally any text that is below these four attributes, with the exception of ongoing damage included with the damage attribute.

Here you'll find a listing that allows you to search by bonus categories and sub-categories. All consumables and equipment items on the wiki have been categorized according to their bonuses so go ahead and explore. Maybe you'll find an item you've never considered before!

Stackable vs Non-StackableEdit

It is important to note that some bonuses are "stackable" (or cumulative) and others are not.

- "Stackable": All bonuses of the same type are added together.

  • Ex +healing done: 3 from helm + 5 from armor + 5 from ring = +13 bonus to healing done.

- "Non-stackable" Only the item with the highest value determines the bonus.

  • Ex: +resist necrotic: +10 from armor, +3 from ring, +5 from shield = +10 total bonus to resist necrotic (from armor, highest value)

Stackable Bonuses*Edit

It is difficult to know exactly which bonuses stack together so it could be assumed that most bonuses are stackable until proven otherwise. However, some bonuses are known to be non-stackable...

Non-Stackable Bonuses*Edit

  • all "resist [element]" bonuses (resist necrotic, poison, fire, cold, etc)

*(As you can see, these lists are far from complete, feel free to add to them if you are sure of the information)

Defensive bonusesEdit

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Offensive BonusesEdit

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