Black Dawn Breaks is a PREMIUM level 10 dungeon located in The Crags area.

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  • PREMIUM: Unlock for 50 Astral Diamonds (for ALL characters on your Facebook account.)
  • 15 Energy
  • Level 10

Adventure DescriptionEdit

Reports of increased drow sightings in the Crags have set Neverwinter afire with dark rumors of a pending invasion. Lord Neverember needs reliable intelligence to accurately assess the threat and determine what actions, if any, are required. For any brave enough to venture into possibly drow-infested caverns and return with solid reconnaissance, the reward will be ample.


Room LayoutEdit

Black Dawn Breaks MiniMap

Black Dawn Breaks - Rooms

Room 1 (A Trusted Tip)Edit

  • Empty

Room 2 (Storage Area)Edit

  • Enemies: 1x Drow Ranger, 4x Blade Spider.
  • Treasure: 1x Chest (locked)
    • Accessible only through Room 4, cannot teleport to it.
    • Basic loot; gold & consumables

Room 3 (Drow Armory)Edit

Room 4 (The Spider Pens)Edit

Room 5 (Shrine of Lolth)Edit

Room 6 (Command Center)Edit


These items are all obtained from the Room 6 chest.

Heroic (6 loot items)Edit

Hard (6 loot items)Edit

  • Gold (60, 65, 75, 200, 225 GP)

Normal (4 loot items)Edit

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