Big Bad Battleaxe is a level 7 dungeon located in The Crags area.


  • 20 Energy
  • Level 7

Adventure DescriptionEdit

Lord Neverember has called for adventurers to drive out orc and ogre marauders from various abandoned mining camps within the southern Crags. With the raw materials necessary to outfit his mercenaries in short supply, any ore that can be scavenged from the defunct mines would be invaluable until consistent mining operations can be re-established. For that to happen, the current 'tenants' must be evicted. Be advised: Rumor has it that the marauders are led by a particularly savage ogre.


Room LayoutEdit

Big Bad Battleaxe Map

Big Bad Battleaxe - Map

Room 1 (The Crags Foothills)Edit

  • Empty (no enemies, no traps)

Room 2 (Abandoned Camp)Edit

Room 3 (The Mine Entrance)Edit

Room 4 (A Vertical Shaft)Edit

Room 5 (Ogre Boss)Edit

Loot (1 item drop for all difficulties)Edit

These items are all obtained from the Room 5 chest.




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