Behind the Falls is a level 10 dungeon located in the Goblin Forest area.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

A hulking figure approaches you with an uncanny stealth. Beneath a heavy hood, the figure identifies himself as Jurden Splitlip. He claims to have been part of a group of adventurers that discovered a series of tunnels behind a waterfall deep within the Goblin Woods. While exploring, they learned that the tunnels connect to various points around Neverwinter, including Helm's Hold. Unfortunately, a cave-in split the group. Jurden offers a reward for each of his comrades that can be rescued.


Adventure Unlocked (Upon Completion)Edit

Room LayoutEdit

Map of Behind the Falls

Map of Behind the Falls

Room 1Edit

Room 2Edit

Room 3Edit

Room 4Edit



  • Normal Loot (No Items; max Gold = 250)


  • Normal Loot (No Items)


  • Normal Loot (No Items)
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