Astral Diamond

Astral Diamonds are an in-game currency used to allow the player to spend real money (via Facebook credits) to purchase in-game equipment and benefits. They can also be earned slowly but freely through other means.

Purchasing Astral DiamondsEdit

Cost (in Facebook Credits) of Astral Diamonds
Astral Diamonds Facebook Credits
50 AD
50 FC ($5.00, 10 cents/AD
80 AD
75 FC ($7.50, 9.4 cents/AD)
110 AD
100 FC ($10.00, 9.1 cents/AD)
225 AD
200 FC ($20.00, 8.9 cents/AD)
575 AD
500 FC ($50.00, 8.7 cents/AD)
1200 AD
1000 FC ($100.00, 8.3 cents/AD)

Known LocationsEdit

There are many ways to collect Astral Diamonds in the game for FREE!

Aside from these, certain adventures (dungeons) now offer ADs in chests as loot.

Uses for Astral DiamondsEdit

In addition to anything that can be purchased with Gold, there are a few things in the game that can be purchased only with Astral Diamonds.

  • Additional character slots (25 AD each, up to 8 total)
  • Retraining characters (50 AD each)
  • Glyphs (15 AD - 50 AD each): Consumable items used to significantly simplify a difficult fight.
  • Potion of Life (20 AD): Ressurrect a slain character without using the Cleric's Raise Dead spell.
  • Merchant Refresh (2 AD): Resets a merchant's 8-hour refresh timer and offers new goods instantly.
  • Potion of Luck (2 AD): May be bought during treasure selection, to maximize chances of obtaining desired loot
  • Energy Refill (10 AD): Tops off the character's Energy bar.
  • Unlimited Energy (250 AD): Grants all characters on an account permanently unlimited Energy.
  • High-end Equipment: Since May 10th, 2012, a lot of high-end items are exclusively sold in the Mercenary Arms Depot for AD, they cannot be purchased with Gold. AD costs can go up to 200 AD for a level 10 item!
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