At the end of some adventures, quest items are automatically awarded to unlock follow-up adventures. They act as keys to enter and are consumed at the start of an adventure. Thus, they encourage the player to successfully complete an entire chain without wiping out the party. They also serve as plot devices that link different parts of an adventure chain.

Adventure Chains by Area and LevelEdit


  • Level 2
  1. Return to Neverdeath (Level 2)
  2. The Doomguide's Call (Level 4)
  3. A Shadow Revealed (Level 6)
  • Level 3
  1. Thick as Thieves
  2. The Sons of Alagondar
  3. Keep Your Enemies Close
  • Level 4
  1. An Ancient Curse
  2. Love's Lost Locket
  3. Truth and Consequences

Goblin ForestEdit

  • Level 2
  1. Goblins in the Woods
  2. In Defense of Helm's Hold
  3. Green and Mean
  • Level 10
  1. Behind the Falls
  2. Corruption
  3. Poison Heart

Neverwinter WoodsEdit

  • Level 1
  1. The Kobold Menace
  2. Assault on Kobold Keep

Ruins of IllefarnEdit

  • Level 6
  1. The Ruins of Illefarn
  2. The Magic Hunters
  3. The Edges of Madness
  • Level 8
  1. A Feast of Thieves
  2. The Hand that Feeds
  3. Army of the Night
  4. Red Mist Rising (Neverwinter Wood)

This chain is unusual, in that completion of A Feast of Thieves forces the player to choose between two items; each item allows access to a different follow-up (The Hand that Feeds or Army of the Night).

Sword MountainsEdit

  • Level 5
  1. Thunderhoof Pass
  2. Ash Ridge
  3. The Old Owl Well
  • Level 7
  1. High Road Robbery
  2. The Bandit's Lair
  3. A Pirate's Life

The CragsEdit

  • Level 9
  1. An Ancient Portal
  2. The Prison of Mirrors
  3. The Vault of Gauntlgrym
  4. Incursion into the Underdark
  • Level 10
  1. The Cult Below
  2. The Path of the Chosen
  3. It Lives! (Neverwinter Woods)

Event Adventure ChainsEdit

Halloween EventEdit

  1. (Lvl1) Neverdeath (Neverwinter)
  2. (Lvl 1) Bones, Thugs and Sorcery (Neverwinter)
  3. (Lvl 5) Trick or Trap (Ruins of Illefarn)
  4. (Lvl 10) Monster Mash (Neverwinter Woods)
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