• Poison Breath
    • Ranged
    • Burst damage, poison
    • Slows
  • Poisonoud Dragon Bite
    • Melee, poison damage
  • Bloodied Poison Breath
    • Activated on bloodied
    • Ranged
    • Burst damage, poison
    • Slows
  • Frightful Presence
    • Ranged
    • Mass stun
    • - opponent attack (mass)
  • Tail Sweep
    • Melee, normal damage


  • Level 16 Stats:
    • AC: 23
    • REF: 21
    • FORT: 20
    • WILL: 20
    • HP: 336

  • Level 17 Stats:
    • AC: 24
    • REF: 22
    • FORT: 21
    • WILL: 21
    • HP: 340

Boss - Stun Immune

Encounter AreasEdit


Masters of negotiation and deceit, green dragons primarily live in forests or other places with strong ties to the Feywild. They breathe clouds of poisonous gas.

A green dragon uses flyby attack and its breath weapon to wear down enemies before landing and engaging in melee. Once per round, it uses luring glare to either move a target into the area of its breath weapon or put the target within reach of its melee attacks. An adult, elder, and ancient green dragon uses its lashing tail to confound opponents that try to engage it in melee. The ancient green dragon uses mind poison as often as it can, attacking enemy defenders first.

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