A player's House, reflecting achievements earned.

Achievements are account-based long-term goals. Completing an achievement earns the player in-game rewards, consisting usually of some combination of Gold, Astral Diamonds, Equipment, and other boons. In addition, each category corresponds to an element in the House; the element appears after the first achievement earned in the category and is further improved by additional acheivements earned.

Achievements by CategoryEdit

Adventurer (Fireplace)Edit

  • Traveler - Complete 5 Adventures on Normal Difficulty.
  • Adventurer - Complete 25 Adventures on Normal Difficulty.
  • Sellsword - Complete 10 Adventures on Hard Difficulty.
  • Mercenary - Complete 30 Adventures on Hard Difficulty.
  • Hero - Complete 15 Adventures on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Legend - Complete 40 Adventures on Heroic Difficulty.

Combat/Destroyer (Wall ornament)Edit

Fellowship (Shelf)Edit

Fortune Seeker (Golden tree)Edit

  • Gold Digger - Have a current hoard of 300 gold pieces or more.
  • Fortune-Hunter - Have a current hoard of 3000 gold pieces or more.
  • Wonderful - Loot your Chest of Wonder for 30 consecutive days.

Hero (Spear holder)Edit

  • Accomplished - Recieve a Rank of Excellent or better in 10 Adventures or Dungeons.
  • Elite - Recieve a Rank of Excellent or better in 25 Adventures or Dungeons.
  • Champion - Recieve a Rank of Excellent or better in 100 Adventures or Dungeons.
  • Paragon - Recieve a Rank of Excellent or better in 250 Adventures or Dungeons.

Veteran (Table)Edit

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