A Thoroughly Odd Fellow is a level 5 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area. This dungeon presents to you a number of riddles that you must answer by picking the door with the correct answer on it.


Adventure DescriptionEdit

CHALLENGE: "I, Eddibert Pickle, renowned mystic and savant, hereby challenge all comers to journey to the Shattered Sewers and there undertake the Trial of Supreme Intellect. At stake is everything. Fail, and your death will serve as testimony to my intellectual supremacy. In the unimaginable occasion that your wits prove sharper than mine, a magnificent fortune shall be yours. I, Eddibet Pickle, await a worthy challenger with the foreknowledge that none shall likely arrive."


Room LayoutEdit


Map of A Thoroughly Odd Fellow

Room 1 (The Trial of Supreme Intellect)Edit

  • Empty (no enemies, no traps)
Two doors:
  • Door (top right): Arrow (correct answer) --> Room 2.
  • Door (bottom right): Fiddle (incorrect) --> Room 3.

Room 2 (Arrow)Edit

Two doors:
  • Door (top right): Tree Roots (incorrect) --> Room 5.
  • Door (bottom right): Gauntlet (correct answer) --> Room 4.

Room 3 (Fiddle)Edit

Room 4 (Gauntlet)Edit

  • Enemies: 4x Boneshard Skeleton
  • Traps: 5x Spikes (Level 2, can be disarmed in two groups)
  • Treasure: 1x corpse (lootable, with item loot, refer to "Loot" section below.)
Two doors:
  • Door (top right): Five (not the correct answer) --> Room 7.
  • Door (bottom right): Seven (not the correct answer) --> Room 7.

Room 5 (Tree Roots)Edit

Room 6 (Empty Room)Edit

  • Empty (no enemies, no traps)
  • This room is entered when backtracking in any of the other rooms. The only exit leads back to Room 1.

Room 7 (Six)Edit

(The correct answer to the riddle in Room 4 would be "Six", for the number of letters in the word "Breath".)

  • Enemies: 1x Eddibert Pickle (Wizard)
  • Treasure: 1x Corpse (lootable, with basic loot: gold, consumables & Giftable Item; a random consumable)

Loot (Room 4 Corpse)Edit




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