A Shadow Revealed is a level 6 dungeon located in the Neverwinter area. In room 4 you have the option of looting that chest or going on to room 5 and looting one in there (but not both).


Adventure DescriptionEdit

Having shown Doomguide Volahk the strange note you uncovered in the crypts, his concern was evident. Now, seeing you again, he approaches and speaks urgently. "I have investigated further and if what I suspect is true, there is not a moment to lose! Quickly! My acolyte, Mina, witnessed two human necromancers enter a crypt in Neverdeath. Go there and wrest their dark purpose from them by any means necessary! I will contact you once you are inside."


Room LayoutEdit

A Shadow Revealed Map

Map of A Shadow Revealed

Room 1Edit

  • Empty

Room 2Edit

Room 3 (Locked)Edit

  • Enemies: 3x Deathlock Wight
  • Treasure: 1x Chest (unlocked, with basic loot: gold and consumables)

Room 4Edit

Room 5Edit



First Item Chest

Second Item Chest (1 Item Slot, 9 Standard Slots 11/18/11)

Specific Chest Unrecorded


First Item Chest

Second Item Chest (1 Item slot, 9 standard slots. 11/18/11)


First Item Chest:

Second Item Chest:

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