3 Morningstar of Faith

+3 Morningstar of Faith

The ancient prayer runes that adorn this weapon have awakened and radiate intensely with holy power sending powerful healing energy into the hands of its wielder."


  • Level 10 Morningstar, 2-handed, Unique
  • Class Restriction: Fighter, Cleric
  • Attack Bonus: +3, +4 vs undead
  • Damage: 4-15, 6-17 vs undead
  • Critical Hit Range: 20
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus: +3-18 radiant
  • Is equipped as a one-handed weapon.


  • Buy Price: Not for sale
  • Sell Price: 375 G

Known LocationsEdit

Editor's note: This item's stats are identical to the Daybreaker. Also, although the description mentions it is a "2-handed" weapon, you can wield this weapon and a holy symbol or shield at the same time.

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