2 Dancing Sylvan Armor

Drop only

This armor is favored by those who want to move like a leaf carried along a forest breeze.

This is a drop-only version of the +2 Sylvan Cloth Armor (with +1 speed), it cannot be bought at the Mercenary Arms Depot.


  • Level 10 Light Armor
  • AC Bonus: +2 + INT or DEX modifier
  • +2 initative
  • +2 speed
  • +1 REF


(Since May 10th, 2012)

  • Buy Price: N/A (Drop-only item)
  • Sell Price: 360 G

Known LocationsEdit

04/20/2012: Note that the following drop locations list was copied from the +2 Sylvan Cloth Armor page and might not be entirely accurate, please update if you notice any changes.



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